When it comes to your business brand, we got your best interest at heart. Whether it is starting a new fresh online presence or reviving your old one, we got it covered. Attracting more traffic to your brand is what we do best.

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Why us?
Your Brand is our main priority
We give your brand our 100% personal attention because we understand the importance of building an enticing business brand that will stick around for years.
Return on investment is number 1
We make sure you double or even triple the Investment made on your business by reaping the benefits of customer and financial growth that we will make sure you get.
Total Transparency
Reporting back to you with documents to show you exactly how your numbers increased and how the budget was used on a monthly or weekly basis.
We create enticing online presence
Making sure your online presence attracts future & existing clients effectively by ensuring that you stand out from competitors and effectively listen, engage and build relationships.
We increase social media engagement
We engage with clients in an authentic and meaningful way in order to attract long lasting success and growth to your business
We create awesome & engaging content
We engage with clients in an authentic and meaningful way in order to attract success and growth to your business, it is also important to us to bring value to your followers
We create fascinating websites
We design awesome websites that will keep your clients amazed because of the look and feel and engaged because of the functionality. Get a lifetime of clients through your website.
No long term contract
We do month to month contracts and even offer weekly contracts if you wish. We do not offer yearly contracts, so you are free to cancel at any time.


SAF collective leadership
SAF Member
To Probiz Enterprise!!.
South Africans first party’s leadership   thanks Probiz Enterprise for it’s dedication, commitments, patient and passionate.
Your creativity and  innovative is well found and we’ll shaped.
You taken us when there was no one to pick us up.
You put  SAF on public space when it was not easy for it to arrives there.
Thank  you again for believing and trusting us when you never see or hear of us before.
We were like  strangers to you, but today we are friends in business.
We wish Probiz enterprise an overwhelming success and everlasting life in competition markets.
Let our God bless you with all the wisdom you require to make Probiz Enterprise a home of technological creativity and business sustainability.
The world is in fourth industrial revolution were technology became the only sources and centre of economic influence.
We foresee  productive bright future ahead of Probiz enterprise.
 Let our alright mighty  God of our  ancestry of this supreme land usher your partnership with holy spirit and protect it from all groups of unconstructive critics or attacks.
Many woman in this country  look down on themselves.. thanks God  that  you ladies are there to brake down that bondanage of self critics and out critics.
We love Probiz enterprise  and we are committed to help it were is necessary for it to see the light of business in general.
We acknowledge our unfinish business with Probiz business. We promise to cooperate with it until the deal is done and we promise to continue with it after our deal.
Shine Probiz enterprise shine!! rise Probiz enterprise rise!!
From SAF collective leadership.
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Khanyisile and Greater
Bogotsi Consulting

Awesome service Probiz… Professional business support within reach, so convenient and involved. Our Marketing department is now just a click away and online. They developed our website and set us up on social media timeously and effectively. Understood the culture and the needs of our company while remaining relevant to our clients. Also were able to manage content quite trendy and catchy on social media platforms. Bogotsi Consulting was transformed from being a business to being a company within days. Thank you Probiz, you are the best. We are looking forward to a continuous association with you. We highly recommend your services to any startup or existing entities seeking to transform their businesses to higher levels through online marketing, giving them a peace of mind to focus on other areas company needs.Excellent work you have done for us. All the best in your future endeavors.

Danisile Bila
Agang Labels

Agang Labels will like to thank Probiz Enterprise for their good business ethics and great client service. Working with the founder of Probiz Dudu Makola has really elevated our business not only digitally but also through sound business advice. We would recommend Probiz Entreprise to any business seeking great website development and other digital marketing services. The experience you will get is both genuine and client orientated.Thank you. Danisile Bila – Agang Labels (Pty) Ltd.

Diketso Dee Zuma
A & G Cakes

Dudu thank u so much for my Logo, I can’t stop feeling excited. You did an amazing job, you’ve revamped my logo into a dazzling and stunning logo. Thank u so so much.

I am a happy client Ngwaneso

Our Skills
Content Marketing
Social Media Management
Web Design

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”  – Steve 

1. Design

We start by designing awesome and unique website and social media accounts best suited for your business and future customers. That will be the platform for great long lasting relationships to be built.


We create the most enticing content that will bring value to your customers and make it easy for them to engage, resulting in continued business growth. It is important that you approve all the content created before we can promote it.

3. Promote & Engage

This step involves getting thousands of eyes on your brand, we do this by using the most powerful keywords that will directly target the right clients that are perfect for your business. Finally we engage, engage engage! This is what we do best.

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